Asoiaf valyria fanfiction

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asoiaf valyria fanfiction

But, as I watch you, standing at the window, I cannot help but wonder- are you following death, or is death following you? Dark themes, nothing explicit. Journey by prettylittlepetticoats reviews Sansa doesn't believe in songs, not anymore. Instead she believes in herself, believes she can run from the Lannister's and find her way home.

Jaime is questioning everything too, and when he runs into Sansa on the Kings Road he must question his allegiances. Will he uphold his vow and take Sansa home? Is it possible a Lannister will be Sansa's saviour? What is a promise worth? And Catelyn made a promise to him. Ficlets and short stories. Numerous people and places from across fiction and real life are being transported to Westeros.

How will this screw up the events of the books? Find out right here! Too bad the woman he's marrying is hell on wheels.

As a result, Brienne finds herself in need of a date and in desperation, she hires an actor to play the part. What could possibly go wrong? A gigantic space ship full of human colonizers are inbound to Planetos after escaping a disaster on Earth. How will this affect the game of thrones? The king is dead, long live the king by John Spangler reviews Aerys dies at Duskendale, and everything changes.

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What if? Relatos de mundos alternos en Game of Thrones. Se aceptan solicitudes. A Song of Guns, Germs and Steel by stannisthemannis reviews What if Westeros was mysteriously linked to the modern world, a short way into the start of the song of ice and fire? Joanna by Delay88 reviews "Ruled at home by his lady wife," she thought bitterly, "of all the japes they make about you at court, this one must sting the most. A man is displaced and pushed into the body of a Westerosi boy.

Queen of Ashes by luckandillusions reviews The realm is at war and the kings have made their claims, but not everyone can be a king. Every player is a chess piece in someone else's game, and if it gets them what they want, some of them are willing to watch the world burn.

How will this muck up the events of the books? Read to find out! Re-upload from previous account. The Pack Survives by Youngthundercat67 reviews The last thing he saw before his head was taken off was the horror in his daughter's eyes. Then came the flashes, the visions of the atrocities that would happen to his family but the gods have given him a second chance. What changes can Eddard Stark make to win the Game of Thrones? Mix of books and show. Dragons of a Different Type by Hydra reviews Several thousand years ago, the shepherds of the Valyrian Peninsula did not tame the destructive beasts of fire that lived inside of the Fourteen Flames.

Rather, they discovered an explosive substance that would forever change history.Alyssa stared up at the sky watching with a sense of calmness as it slowly turned black even though in the distance it was still blood red after two weeks. Turning away and covering her nose with a silk handkerchief so as to keep out the smell of ash and smoke she left the ornate balcony and closed the doors behind her.

Only once she was fully back in her chambers did she let out a sob and fell upon the four poster bed that occupied much of the room. Weeping loudly she failed to hear the door at the other side of her room creak open and the light sound of silk brushing against the marble floor. Feeling a hand rest upon her back Alyssa turned and through the veil of watery tears she saw the worried face of her mother.

asoiaf valyria fanfiction

Alyssa's expression almost immediately grew hard and she shot a look of loathing at her mother. Daeron" she said that last name with so much sorrow that a fresh batch of tears poured down her face and she once again let out a hearty cry. Daeron was her life, her hopes and dreams. Ever since she was a young child she had adored her cousin of the same age, so much that her father had consented for her to be married to him rather than her brother Vaermon.

All these plans had been shattered when her father had tried to seize power in Valyria and crown himself the first King of Valyria. While her fathers petty rebellion had been quenched soon enough it was the punishment that had broken her poor heart. Her family was too be exiled the current Archon of Valyria had decreed, all ties would be cut with the house of Raennaris. Never again would their family be allowed to return to their ancestral homeland nor would they ever marry another person of Valyrian blood who dwelled inside the city.

Thus with her betrothal broken and her family shamed beyond measure they left Valyria and moved to the City of Volantis where her father quickly seized power and crowned himself Emperor of New Valyria. Her mother remained expressionless throughout her daughters continuous crying and screaming and only finally spoke up once she had finished.

Once we make a decision as a family we stick by it and if someone does not like it we give them a taste of our steel". With that her mother left her chambers with a proud look upon her face as her want was whenever her family motto was mentioned. Alyssa finding herself once more alone rose from her bed and wiped her tears away angrily as the image of her mother disappointed in her revolved around her head.

Crossing the room to the mahogany table that rested against the wall she opened up a drawer and smiled serenely. Picking up out of it an object of overlapping scales the colour of the beautiful blue coral reefs of Lys she held it tightly to her chest before swirling round her room as though she was attending one of the grand balls that were hosted by the richest and most powerful of the Dragonlords of Valyria.This is my first fanfiction.

Ever since i started reading A song of Ice and Fire i was captivated by the Valyrian society. I undestand why it isn't a very large part of the main story, but i still think it is a shame. Here is my attempt at a fanfiction. If it is a steaming pile of garbage i apologize for wasting your time. It is worth mentioning that the opening of this is based on som other fanfic i read long ago, can't remember who though. When I woke, everything around me was pure darkness. It felt as though I had been swallowed by a looming presence.

I was disoriented, drained and confused. It took me a few minutes before I came to my senses. I tested my own state of mind. Good, I seemed to be able to think clearly. Where was I though? Fumbling around in the dark my hand touched something cold and metal. I sighed with relief as I immediately identified it as my vectium.

I mumbled a simple spell under my breathand out came an orb of white light. It illuminated my surrounding and I identified where I was. This is What the hell am I doing in here? In the corner, a small mountain of gold coins were laying in a pile, stretching up the wall.

Next to that, a large display case of jewelry and precious stones could be seen.

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This was the entirety of the Batorian family's liquid wealth, tens of millions in gold. In the other end of the room however, lay the true wealth of the family.

Strange artifacts where meticulously placed on pillows of red and golden silk, expressing their value.I promise that I am working on Flipped but when I could not work on it, I resorted to express myself through something else. As anyone would guess, the pairing and writing style is heavily inspired from Tsume Yuki. Though, I do own the plot and everything else. This is a complete AU!

It is Fem! Harry who has had a very different life than canon starting end of her second year. In terms of major events, this is an year before Rhaegar would get engaged to Elia. He finds her sprawled on the sands near the sea of Dragonstone. It is a secluded space on the beach, right through the crevices of the Volcano. No smallfolk venture here, and the castle does not have a view of it. It is quiet and calm and that is why Rhaegar was walking along it, lost in his thoughts of the song of ice and fire.

She had jet-black hair, tangled and mangled in dust. She wore clothing made of a distinct kind of leather, and not quite feminine; a strange set of tight breeches underneath an over robe of similar material.

He could not quite see her face. Before he could get more engrossed by her strangeness, his eyes fell on the crimson liquid spread beneath her and he rushed towards her. His musing could wait, her injuries would not. He manages to get to the cause of bleeding. Her torso has rather big lacerations. Her blood has coagulated and is jelly-like already. She has other injuries beside the lacerations, her body is bloodied and bruised, her arms have burns, her ribs are broken and she has lost more blood than her petite body can handle.

She was fevered. He sends Whent and other guards back to the place, to see a clue of her belongings, of how she arrived on the island. There had been no boat in sight and the girl was not even wet, so she could not have washed up on the shore. Her belongings are strange like her clothes. She had at least 4 knives on her, one dagger and all of them are fine blades, not quite plain iron or even castle steel.

They are almost as ostentatious as Valyrian steel but not valyrian steel and they look like some cousin of silver. But silver is too soft for weaponry…. Whent finds a sword near where he had found her.

It is of a similar material, littered with rubies at the pummel with a hilt of solid gold. An embossing of a lion on it, not quite the Lannister lion, but a lion nonetheless. It has a strange name written on it: Godric Gryffindor.

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He has not heard of the house. Upon seeing that, he looks at the knives more closely. One pair has a hilt of yellow diamond, another pair is gilded with sapphires and the dagger has a glistening emerald. Lannister, he would have thought if not for the black tresses. Black hair was common in Baratheons and in north, but the texture was too distinct.Do note that this will not be The House Baelerys, but an OC House of my creation, if you have problems, simply don't read it, Not trying to sound arrogant or stand-offish, I simply do not have time for The Flames!

If it is Critique that can help me improve my story, I welcome it with open arms dudes Things include: Powerful Dragons, Powerful! OC, Changing of Timeline, and other wild hijinks! House Vailon of The Valyrian Freehold. House Words: We Shall Soar. Coat of Arms: A Black Dragon flying in the sky on a field of red Dragons: Raenar, Lucion, and Brightflame. Region: The Crownlands, Dragonstone, Skyhold.

The Two had gotten their own Dragon Eggs at the age of 9 Namedays, enjoying them immensely. The Twins had the uncanny ability to know what the other was thinking in some situations, some saying that it was an ability gifted by the God of Magic, Vhagar.

Daeron and Daenerys had been gifted when wielding their own brand of magic, some considering prodigy's in the making. Daeron also had been considered a prodigy wielding The Blade, some even wanting the boy to align with their houses, but due to the power of House Vailon, these were reduced to nothing more than rumors. Daeron had grown to become a handsome man, with bowl-cut hair, he had a full beard that made him look a rogue bandit that had appealed to some of the women and few men within the Freehold.

Daeron was also athletically muscular, not too thin, that he looked sickly or pale, but neither overly muscular that he looked like a brute or beast of some kind. House Vailon of The Valyrian was one of the Major Houses in the Freehold, being recognizing for breeding powerful Dragons that had been used in times of war, Before The Doom, The Dragon Raenar was said to be bigger than the Mighty Dragon of House Targaryen, which was Balerion, Renar had bonded with Daeron Vailon at a young age and often took to flying on occasion, the two had a great relationship that was almost like a brother bond to the Dragon and Rider.

The Dragons Lucion and Brightflame were ridden by Aerion and Leliana Vailon respectively, although they were not as big as Raenar, they were still fearsome beasts that put many of the other Dragonlord Houses on edge, some even tried to get a Marriage proposal with either Daeron or Daenerys, but they were all denied by Aerion Vailon who knew his children were worth more than that.

Although surprisingly a Betrothal came from The Targaryens across The Narrow Sea, between Rhaella Targaryen and Daeron Vailon, Aerion Vailon was said to be considering the betrothal, but never had the chance to respond because soon the vision of Daenys The Dreamer would become true, The Doom of Valyria would strike, bringing death, destruction, but somehow It is going to be a Visenya Targaryen pairing, which will be a surprise because I have plenty of plans in store for everyone!

Story Story Writer Forum Community.The first sign that something had gone terribly wrong was a blinding flash of light, backlighting the dragon and its rider as they rode high in the sky, on patrol over the waters of the Summer Sea.

As the light faded, the rider turned her head, violet eyes widening and mouth falling in shock and horror as a wave of displaced air blasted outwards from the horizon, blowing the clouds outward even as the skies beyond glowed a sullen red.

Aelarys snarled in understanding, beating his wings and picking up speed and altitude, to ride out the incoming wall of air.

asoiaf valyria fanfiction

Already its edges were flowing over dragon and rider both, whipping through the rider's cloak and stray strands of gold-silver air.

And then it struck, sending dragon and rider alike plummeting and spinning through the air, down towards the waters below. Jaenera nearly found herself thrown off her saddle, were it not for the chains which bound her to the saddle itself. Even then, the force of impact nearly knocked her unconscious, the dragonrider struggling to regain herself, a task made even more difficult by their uncontrolled fall from the sky.

Aelarys was no different, the dragon flailing and snapping as they fell…. Jaenera looked around in confusion, over the waters and back to Valyria. There were few clouds in the sky, and no sign of the cataclysm that had nearly struck them down to the waters below.

Only a clear and sunny sky in summer, the Sun shining bright and hot high overhead.

asoiaf valyria fanfiction

Come about! We need to get back to the Freehold! Something's not right here! The dragon snarled his acknowledgement, and then banking to one side, shifted direction, flying over the Summer Sea, back to Valyria.

It took them nearly two hours to reach their destination, the city of Aryros, along the west coast of the Valryian Peninsula.

Great black walls of fused stone, forged by fire and magic, rose from the land in a mighty seawall, with long quays of grey stone jutting out to sea and lined with piers and docks for ships. Great gates offered passage from these quays into the city through the seawall, though at present they were open.

Flying over the seawall, Jaenera noticed there was plenty of agitation down in the city below…. It was a full-blown slave revolt from the look of things, and the City Guard was hard-pressed to keep the slaves from completely overrunning the city.

The garrison had had to be called in, and smoke was rising from many parts of the city as Valyrian Legionaries and Aryros Guardsmen fought rebels in the streets. Hearing a roar in the distance, Jaenera looked in its direction, and saw twelve dragons and their riders flying in a great V over the city. The rider at the lead gestured as Jaenera approached, and nodding at the signed instructions, took her place at one end of the formation.

The lead rider gestured again, the dragons beating their wings and climbing ever steeper at their riders' instructions, and then folding their wings, allowed themselves to fall, backwards, and then down to the city below. Striking down with the light of the Sun behind their backs, they fell on the rebellious slaves below with a shouted command, a single word dreaded by countless peoples from one end of the known world to another.

Days had passed since that terrible day, when the ground shook and fire split the sky for a single, terrible moment of fire and power, only for it all to end, to disappear as though nothing had happened, in a single moment.

That single moment however, had triggered numerous riots and outright slave revolts across the peninsula, which in many cases had overwhelmed local militias and had required the Freehold's legions to step in, and in several cases, the dragonlords themselves. Now however, order had been restored in the cities and much of the countryside, though a significant number of slaves had gone to ground in the countryside, attacking random holdings and travelers across the peninsula.

The hunt for such miscreants was already well underway, and with a premium being placed on the capture of the rebel slaves: examples needed to be made. But with the slave revolts put down and all that was left cleaning up the remaining pockets of resistance, the leaders of the Freehold turned their attentions onto more pressing concerns.

In the Palace of the Freeholders, located at the heart of the city of Valyria itself, the three Triarchs of the Valyrian Freehold met. They stood on a raised dais at the bottom of a large, marbled amphitheater, arched, open windows high above and candles on golden stands across the amphitheater providing light. The Lords Freeholder or their proxies sat on the tiered seats, those of lower rank and standing at the higher and more distant levels, while those closer to the Triarchs were those representing or leading the forty dragonlord families, greatest and mightiest of the Lords Freeholder.

Furthermore, the large numbers of slaves killed in the recent uprising, along with property damages both in the cities and the countryside, will cost the Freehold an estimated nine hundred thousand gold marks in cold coin.

It must be noted that this is only a preliminary assessment, and may still change in the future. The Lords Freeholder immediately began muttering and talking softly to each other, the Triarchs allowing them to speak for a whole minute before gesturing for silence.

First of all, our subject kingdoms in the north have apparently been destroyed, and Dothraki tribes now wander freely at will across the ruins and the Great Grass Sea. The civil servant broke off as the Lords Freeholder erupted in consternation and outrage, the loss of Valyria's subject kingdoms in the Great Grass Sea a heavy blow to Valyrian pride and power.

Those subject kingdoms had been among the Freehold's first conquests outside of the Valyrian Peninsula, won during the Third and Fourth Ghiscari Wars. Furthermore, they provided significant revenues both in coin and in kind, while the annual levies provided plenty of men for both the legions and the auxiliaries.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Samwell Tarly 2. Aegon Targaryen 3. Aegon Targaryen Part 2 4.

Visenya The Dreamer 5. The Last Dragonlord 6.

George RR Martin on how the Iron Throne is supposed to look

The Machinations of a King 8. Princesses of Dorne 9. Scions of Old Valyria Part 1 Scions of Old Valyria Part 2 Scions of Old Valyria part 3 The Pack A Black Mercy Gaemon 'The Glorious' The Return Part 1 The Return Part 2 A Dragon Amongst Vipers. With a successful expedition to the forbidden lands of Old Valyria, dragons have returned to the world accompanied by the resurgence of powerful magic. The Targaryens are not the only faction that seeks to harness the eldritch powers for their own ends.

See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Samwell was nervous. Even more so than usual. Though in this case, his nervousness was likely justified by any who knew of the position he was thrusted into. It had been four years since he had set foot in Westeros and while he felt a certain giddiness in returning to his homeland, he knew that his welcome would be anything but joyful.


Still, he understood why it had to be him. His first night in Westeros and already he was drawing the ire of the King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Sam gulped at the thought. Their ship was a small trader vessel so unlike the vessels that Sam had grown use to in his travels across the Eastern Continent.

It was little more than a pleasure barge, with a red striped hull, twenty oars and not a single defensive structure insight. The crew was a motley mix made up of the pretty Lysene with their bastard Valyrian features and other almond skinned Essosi. All of them were freed men and women granted by a lost Prince who made good on a promise. Soon enough, they would all be decently rich highborn as well with lands of their own once their wayward prince finally returned home.

Sam suppressed another sigh as the ship glided across the dark waters of Blackwater Bay. The sun was high in the sky causing drops of sweat to drip down from his brow. There was a mummer of excitement that passed through the inhabitants of his vessel as they neared the beach.

He could make out the unmistakable sight of a small army of Gold Cloaks who arranged themselves in a barrier to shield the Royal family from the rather large gathering of small folk who craned their necks, shoved and shouted to get a better look of the approaching vessel.

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